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Whose Pride? PART 1

It happens at every Pride. There’s always an Identity Shout-Out. Sometimes it’s part of a comedy routine, sometimes it’s an affirming introduction, sometimes it’s just there because it has to be …

“All the straight people, raise your hands! Oh my, what good Allies you are!” And the straight people who are at Pride, having a good time, walk away feeling validated … “OK, que son las lesbianas?! Say it loud, say it Proud, put your paws in the air!”“Gay! It’s OK to be Gay! Show them who you are!” … Sometimes you might get a tip o’ the hat for trans*folk in the audience. Not nearly often enough …

And that’s it, right? That’s all the identities that are out there. We got straight Allies, we got L, we got G, and sometimes T.

So imagine if, during the Identity Shout-Out, one of the Big Three were not mentioned at all … Can you imagine, if at an event advertised as “Gay Pride” the only place where “Gay” appeared in print or speech was on the flyers and the sign?

So why is it considered not an issue when the biggest single Identity is either left out altogether, or referenced always and only in negative ways? … Wouldn’t you feel like in the one place you were supposedly guaranteed to feel like you belong, that you had just been slapped in the face?

And the bisexual people who are being belittled or utterly left out at Pride? Are the heirs and spiritual descendants of the people who started Pride in the first place. So the people who are ignoring us, who are saying we are either not queer enough or too queer, are both ignorant of the history of the movement and shooting themselves in the metaphorical foot …

Listen: when hate and fear comes from outside the community, it sucks. It’s horrible and I am not attempting to minimize it. When it comes from inside the community, though, when you’ve let your guard down because you assume that you’ll be accepted here if nowhere else, it stings.

It’s not about winning the Oppression Olympics … It’s not a competition.

All I am trying to say is
Let’s stand together
Let’s help each other
Let’s share what we have in common
Let’s quit excluding each other
It’s not my Pride. It’s not your Pride.
It’s OUR Pride.

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    Hate to burst your bubble but the one who had the idea first for Pride wasn’t Linda Rhodes. It was Craig Rodwell…And he...
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    Dont forget the B and T. You cant say LGBTQ anf be fully inclusive if you dont acknowledge B and T.
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